House Cleaning Tips: Why Your House Still Doesn’t Look Clean

I bet we can all agree that a tidy house is rather high up on the priority list. My home may not always be magnificently organized and also cool, yet it is tidy. (well, mostly tidy;–RRB- These house cleaning pointers can assist your residence look as tidy as it really is.

So WHY doesn’t it LOOK tidy?!

home cleansing tips
Recent data reveal that Americans invest over 60 minutes every day with residence cleaning jobs.

I do not necessarily like cleansing … it is among those things that needs to be done.

house cleaning tips

But if I’m going to use up that much time and energy cleaning my home, then by golly, I want it to LOOK clean!

These are the factors your house STILL may not look tidy even after you’ve rubbed as well as cleaned:

10 reasons your house still doesn’t look tidy

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1. Too Much Stuff
Do you need to relocate stacks of things from the couch simply to take a seat? Do you need to clear clutter from the table in order to enjoy a household dish?

If so, you might have means too much things. Take a look around and also see if any of these 18 things are littering your home.

If you require to get rid of the clutter from your home quickly, then this decluttering planner will certainly see to it you don’t miss out on a thing.

10 reasons your house still doesn't look clean

Less Things = Much Less Things To Clean
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2. Old Electrical Outlet And Also Light Switch Covers
residence cleaning tips: female switching off light button
Our home was integrated in 1970 and we purchased it concerning 3 years ago. Several updates had been made … stunning ranch shutters, a large workplace add-on, power efficient, double put up home windows, and so on.

But a seemingly basic house upgrade that had not been addressed were the old, almond colored, (some paint spattered) electrical outlet covers as well as light switch plate covers.

They were such an eye sore and no cleansing hack was going to transform that!

A Straightforward Service:
Outlet covers that DO NOT need any rewiring. These children fit right over the old existing outlet to offer whatever a clean and also cohesive appearance.

As well as to cover those undesirable light switches without the inconvenience of an electrical expert or needing to rewire …

This was such a basic residence cleaning pointer to make our house look fresh and also tidy!

3. Residence Cleaning Tips: Unfinished Washing
I used to feel like all I did was laundry. I attempted the ‘wash a load each day’ technique and was unpleasant!

Laundry baskets of clothing relaxing your home makes it look unclean … also if the garments are tidy.

I overhauled my whole laundry regimen and currently I just do washing ONE day weekly (for 4 people).

house cleaning tips:  woman turning off light switch

It has actually seriously been a game changer!


I no longer need to hang around in the laundry room each and every single day and no more restarting the dryer for the fourth time (certainly I’m not the only one!).

I get every little thing cleaned, dried out, as well as do away with in SOMEDAY. I don’t even think of washing for 6 days straight!!

4. A Lot Of Blankets And Pillows.
If you have enough pillows as well as blankets for a whole primary school to build forts then it’s most likely time to get rid of some.

Your house will look unpleasant if you have toss blankets and cushions spread almost everywhere. Taking a few secs to fold blankets as well as correct the alignment of cushions will promptly make your home appearance cleaner.