5 Tips to Get Promoted at Work

Hey girl, heyyy! Feel like that work promotion is getting closer and closer? Feeling like this month’s horoscope is pointing you in all the right directions?

Or… is it that you’ve been working somewhere for a LONG time and are eagerly waiting to get promoted? You feel like you’re not getting appreciated for your work and don’t understand why you’re not landing that promotion.

Whether you’re following your gut from this week’s fortune, or you’re itching for a new promotion to make some extra cash – keep reading for the must-know 5 tips that’ll help you get that dream job promotion at work!

1. Work Promotion Tip #1: Voice what you want

work promotion_ voice what you want

First things first, if you want a promotion, you need to say it. Meaning, you can’t expect your manager to actively be looking for ways to promote you. Unless you make it clear from the beginning that your expectations are to be promoted by a certain point in time (and that you’re willing to put in the work), it’s likely that a work promotion isn’t top of mind for your manager. Here are a few things to consider:

  • There are a ton of people looking for promotions, but very few of them actually tell their manager that’s what they want. Carve out some time in your next 1:1 or development session, and tell your manager your goals, and where you want to be, and the work you’re willing to put in to get there
  • Promotions don’t happen overnight. As expected, promotions generally come with extra money slash an increased salary. There needs to be budget on your team to back this, and there needs to be an opening for a position that you can move into. Especially if you work at a publicly traded company, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes / admin work that has to happen with HR and senior leaders to ensure a promotion can go through

By being upfront about what you want, you plant a seed in your manager’s head that this is what you’re striving toward. He / she can allocate your upcoming work accordingly, and start to get things ready behind-the-scenes to ensure a smooth transition.

For example, let’s say you’re hoping to move into a manager position yourself within a year. Tell your manager exactly that. Ask them if they see that as doable, and what your roadmap will look like to get there. Let he / she know you’re willing to put in the extra effort to get promoted. Keeping this top of mind for your manager is your responsibility!

2. Work Promotion Tip #2: Go above and beyond your current role

work promotion_ above and beyond

In other words, do more than your job description says. If you’re a marketing consultant, and your job description requires you to “support key projects” – enhance that. Rather than supporting – take the lead. Just because your current job description says you need to do XYZ, doesn’t mean that’s what your confined to. The key here is to make your boss’ job easier – not harder. Take things off their plate and get the job done yourself. Most important part though, is that you’re able to execute properly. If your manager sees you taking things off his / her plate and doing a damn good job – it shows you’re competent enough to potentially get that promotion. Get that praise and brush your shoulders off – but make sure you’re doing a kick ass job!

3. Work Promotion Tip #3: Stay out of office politics

work promotion_office drama

No no drama. We don’t want no drama. Fergie said it best, and now you’ve got to repeat it. If you want a promotion, you need to show your ability to shine as leader, meaning pulling yourself out of any and all petty office drama and politics. Is Susie the Shittalker talking shit again? Surprise, surprise. No need to engage in the negativity spinning around the office. Rise above, focus on what you want, and keep your eye on the prize.

4. Work Promotion Tip #4: Remind your manager

work promotion_i promote people

Your manager is SUPER busy and has a TON on the go. Your promotion will not be top of mind, unless you keep it top of mind. On a monthly basis in your 1:1s – check in to see how progress is coming. Ask your manager what you need to be doing differently, or what you could be doing more or less of to keep you on track. Not only does this keep you growing and improving, but it’ll remind your manager how serious you are about this promotion. Don’t think of the “voicing what you want” piece as a one and done. Regular feedback is SO key! And… a friendly reminder that your manager has to be the one that promotes you… never hurts 😉

5. Work Promotion Tip #5: Be yourself

work promotion_be yourself

If you’re a dork – you own being a dork! As cliche as it may sound, it is so important to be authentic and genuine to who you are. You’re not getting promoted because you have the same personality as every other leader in the office. Be true to what your thoughts and beliefs are, and be sure to reflect that day to day in the office. If you don’t agree with a business decision or the direction in which the company’s going, say something. Don’t conform and go along with what everyone else does because “the boss said so”.

Part of being a leader requires you to think outside the box, question the status quo, and play the role of devil’s advocate. You may get pushback at times, but you have to be yourself and be real. Your name is attached to everything at the end of the day, so believe in what you’re doing, and if you don’t – understand how you can influence the situation differently. People may not like it and it’s likely that you’ll ruffle a few feathers here and there, but hey – if you want that promotion, you better show what makes you stand out from the rest!