35 Useful Remote Learning Resources

More and more teachers are searching for remote learning resources due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This post is going to save you hours and hours of endless scrolling to find the perfect website, app, or no prep activities to help your students. We have searched high and low for the most effective and user-friendly e-learning tools that I think you’re going to love!


Flipgrids are the meeting place for your classroom, your school, your department or any learning community to discuss your topics. Start with an icebreaker, add weekly reflections, share book talks, explore STEM principles, give mini-presentations … any Topic to ignite discussion!


Screencastify is designed from the ground up to be the safest, simplest video creation tool for teachers and students. That applies to far more than our fun features. Teachers make learning more personal in their blended and flipped classrooms by recording lessons, assignment explanations, and verbal student feedback. Screencastify helps make student voices heard and thinking visible through activities like speech and language practice, comprehension and reflection exercises, and interactive slide presentations.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

There are many benefits to using Classroom:
• Easy to set up – Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up.
• Saves time – The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review and mark assignments quickly, all in one place.
• Improves organization – Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, and all class materials (e.g., documents, photos, and videos) are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.
• Enhances communication – Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream.
• Affordable and secure – Like the rest of G Suite for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free.

Digital Toothy Task Cards

Students can use an iPad, Chromebook, or any other type of computer to practice a variety of math and phonics skills through the use of digital task cards. All the skills are targeted and come with high-interest images to help with student engagement. Best of all, each task card is multiple choice and provides immediate feedback to the student. The incentive of adding a tooth to Toothy’s mouth for every correct answer makes this game leaving kids coming back for more!

See the Digital Toothy options for your grade level.

image of student using a digital task card on an iPad


Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families. Students use built-in annotation tools to capture what they know in Seesaw’s digital portfolio. Teachers deeply understand student thinking and progress — enabling them to teach better. Families gain a window into their student’s learning and engage with school happenings.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is an excellent tool for parent communication, sharing information, and portfolios provide a platform for teachers to assign and students to complete and submit work online.


Remind is great for communicating with both students and their families. Teaching is about your students, not tracking down handouts or playing phone tag. Remind makes it easy to reach the people you need to reach.

Spiral Math and ELA

Just print and go! Students can practice their math, grammar, phonics, writing, and reading skills with these review sheets. No prep needed!

photo of a spiral math review sheet to use during school closures

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website for teachers to find standards-aligned content for their students to practice. Teachers can assign practice exercises, videos and articles as well as track student progress.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop Jr. is a great tool to share with your students. I love using it to introduce a new skill. Brain Pop uses short videos to teach students about a variety of skills. If your school is closed due to the COVID-19 virus, you can get unlimited use of the full BrainPOP suite during the period of closure.


Each lesson on CK-12 has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions, and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom and it puts the grade in that students got on the practice questions (students must get 10 practice questions correct to get 100%).

IXL Learning

IXL Learning is a website that provides comprehensive curriculum that covers five subjects. It helps to pinpoint what students need to know and exactly what to do next to help the student improve.

Phonics Mats

Phonics mats with reading passages are designed with a focus on individual phonics patterns. They are a NO PREP, PRINT & GO, perfect option for students who need a practical and applicable way to practice their phonics skills within a passage and in an isolated structure.

1st Grade Phonics Mats
2nd Grade Phonics Mats

image of phonics reading passage

We also have these available in a digital format now too! The great news is that the digital format and the printable format are all in the same bundle so you can own both! Here’s how the digital version of the phonics mats work!


Pear Deck

Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers engage every student, every day. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy for you to connect with learners of every age and ability. When that happens, more students participate and learn, classroom community improves, and you’ll know you’re making a difference.

Book Creator

Book Creator is a simple tool for creating awesome digital books. Create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reins. Combine text, images, audio and video to create interactive stories, digital portfolios, research journals, poetry books, science reports, instruction manuals, about me books, and comic adventures.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-based digital curriculum resources for K–12 classrooms worldwide. We are the home to award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, and the largest professional development community of its kind.

Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles are a great option for students. Each puzzle focuses on a math skill. There are 10 pieces to each puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a math problem for the student to solve. Then the student assembles the puzzle by putting their pieces in order from least to greatest. If these are being sent home, I recommend sending home the black and white student scrambled edition. Students will solve, cut out, assemble, and glue their pieces in order to complete the puzzle.

Math Puzzles Bundle

image of math puzzle used for distance learning


You will empower every learner to discover their voice and make an impact in their world. WeVideo promotes deeper learning while making it fun and easy for students to express their ideas with creativity and authenticity.


Wakelet makes saving your favorite content from across the web a breeze. Articles, videos, blogs, tweets, songs and more – bookmark anything you find online in two clicks. Arrange your bookmarks into stunning collections. Add images, text and organize however you like to build stories from your content. Collaborate with others on group collections to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge. Share your collections with a single link.


Kahoot provides extended learning beyond live games and classroom walls and encourages accuracy over speed with student-paced games. Students play at their own pace with questions and answers on their screens, while a teacher sees their progress in real time. Many teachers find this way to play Kahoot! helpful for content review, exam prep, and homework assignments. Is your school or university affected by the coronavirus outbreak? Kahoot is providing free access to these schools!

PBS Learning Media

Videos, games, lesson plans and supplemental materials can be searched by grade level, subject area, keyword and standard. And PBS LearningMedia‘s Google Classroom integration makes it easy to share resources with your entire class. Content contributors include KET, PBS, PBS Kids, NASA, the National Archives, the Library of Congress and many more.


Make any video your lesson with EdPuzzle. Choose a video, give it your magic touch and track your students’ comprehension. Reinforce accountability by checking if students are watching your videos, how many times they’re watching each section, and if they’re understanding the content. Engage students by introducing them to self-paced learning with interactive video lessons. It’s easy to add your own voice narration and questions!

Color by Number Sheets

Addition and subtraction fact fluency is essential in 1st and 2nd grade. This leads to the ability to do multi-digit addition and subtraction problems as well as understand other math skills as well. Color by Number sheets are a fun way to practice these essential math skills in a no prep and highly engaging way!

Basic Addition & Subtraction Sheets
2-Digit Addition & Subtraction Sheets
3-Digit Addition & Subtraction Sheets

image of 2-digit color by number worksheet with addition problems

Parlay Ideas

This is the future of class discussions. Parlay puts your students and their unique perspectives at the heart of learning, and gives you the data that you need to help them grow. From secret identities to digital hand raises, Parlay is your tool to increase student voice and encourage a diversity of perspectives. Data-driven class discussions increase accountability, encourage reflection, and empower reliable feedback and assessment.

Free Math App

Free Math allows collecting digital assignments from students and enables quick grading by grouping similar student work on each question. It isn’t limited to a specific bank of questions and all of the work done by students is completely freeform, so it can work for a broad range of classes.


Edulastic is an online k-12 assessment tool. It allows teachers to make their own assessments and assignments or choose from over 35,000 pre-made assessments. Teachers get immediate feedback, can provide feedback to students, and can tie questions to learning standards.


With Buncee’s assortment of media options, creating a virtual lesson is quick and easy. Teachers can include text, video, audio, or even links to additional resources. Record your lesson using the video feature, or create an activity template for your student to complete at home. The classroom dashboard can then be utilized to share and track assignments. Teachers could also create a Buncee Board, so students can access materials, share their work, interact with their classmates, and participate in class discussions no matter where they are. 


This is a platform where anyone can find or create their own simple learning games and the version we have now are always free for schools. GamiLab makes it easy to customize the games for all ages and skill levels. By creating various learning paths where you set custom requirements for opening new levels you make each player active in self-learning.


Izzit offers free, high-quality educational materials to educators: teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders – to anyone interested in learning/teaching! It includes entertaining & educational videos that come with tons of additional resources – Teachers Guides, activities, quizzes, and much more! Izzit also offers current events lessons – 2 each school day with vocabulary words and discussion questions.